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Friday, 30 March 2012

StRawBeRry ChEeSe CaKe Episode 5

Situation : In Nichkhun’s room.
Taec Yeon : Who are you? How can you get in this house and what are doing here? Are you going to steal something in our house?
Junho : Yaaa hyung. Give her some water first. She just wakes up from being unconscious.
Junho gives mineral water to that girl who is lying on Nichkhun’s bed.  Junho also help that girl drink the water but she drinks a little bit only.
“ Thank you. Junho Oppa” . Her voice is very soft and she’s also a polite girl.
After a few minutes later, 2PM’s manager comes to the house.
Manager : Hello beast! What’s going on? (The six beastly idols look at manager suspiciously. The manager acts very cool and weird because he doesn’t shock at all when he looked at the girl)
Woo Young : Hyung, we have caught the thief that try to rob our house. So, what are we going to do with the thief?
Manager : Au Gi-ssi, why are you lying on the bed?
Chan Sung : Hyung, do you know this thief? (Everyone confounded to know the answer)
Manager : OMG. I forgot to introduce you guys to our new housemaid in this house. It’s almost two weeks she has worked here.  Au Gi-ssi, I’m really sorry on behalf them because they didn’t know about you. Actually, I want to tell them before they meet you but they seems like don’t have much time to talk with me and I also forgot. My bad.
Au Gi just nod while holding her neck. She realizes that her back is really pain. She doesn’t know who hit her so badly just now.
Manager : Are you ok, Au Gi-ssi?
Au Gi : My back is really hurt, oppa. Who hit me just now?
Everyone looks at Nichkhun but Nichkhun pretend that he doesn’t know anything. Taecyeon hits Nichkhun’s shoulder softly, and finally Nichkhun realizes his mistake. He asks for forgiveness and explains why he acted like that way. He just wanted to protect himself from thief and unfortunately he misunderstood.
Manager : Au Gi is in pain and who’s going to carry this responsible plus take care of her?
Nichkhun : I can’t, hyung... I can’t..

Everyone is starring at Nichkhun to know the reason why Nichkhun doesn’t want to responsible what he had done.  Other members feel very weird of Nichkhun’s behaviour and feel angry too. IF NICHKHUN IS NOT THE ONE WHO WILL TAKE THE RESPOSIBLE, WHO ELSE WILL DO IT??

_Next episode will revealed who is willingly to take the responsible_

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Friday, 23 March 2012

StRawBeRrY ChEeSe CaKe Episode 4

WooYoung : Guys, Teacyeon wants us to go to coffee shop to have some drinks. Today is very cold and I would like to drink hot chocolate! You guys don’t worry, bills on TaecYeon.. hehehe ^_^
Pppaaappp..!!! TaecYeon hits WooYoung shoulder.
TaecYeon : Who said I want to treat you all?? I just ask but not said that I want to treat you guys..!! NichKhun, are you in?
JunHo : Let’s join us Hyung..
NichKhun : I don’t think so. You guys go ahead first. I want to go home straight because I’m tired. See you guys at home.

Everyone nods; show they understand NichKhun's situation.

Chan Sung : Let’s go guys..! I’m very thirsty right now and I want to drink banana juice..(mood :happy)
JunSu : Ceitt.. Is there any drink besides banana juice? If you always drink and eat banana,your body will also become like banana..kekeke..

Everyone laugh at ChanSung. He really obsessed with banana.
NichKhun goes straight home after that. Lately his schedule is too packed and he doesn’t have enough rest. So, he wants to rest when he has free time. He also doesn’t have free time to spend with his lovely partner, Victoria. He feels very sorry for Victoria.When NichKhun reaches home, he climbs up the stairs slowly with his tired body. Suddenly, he sees someone in his room because the door is widely open.

NichKhun : Its must be a thief in my room. (He talks slowly).
NichKhun is sneaking from outside of his room. He is sweating because he very nervous at that time. He plans to catch the thief alone by himself. With all the strengths he have and experiences of learning Muay Thai, NichKhun attacks the thief’s neck from back.  The thief immediately fells on the floor * unconscious*. NichKhun can’t see the thief face because the thief wears sweater with hood and the thief’s face lies downwards. NichKhun shakes slowly the thief’s body”is he died?” said NichKhun nervously. He’s getting more nervous and scared. Without wasting time, he lift the thief’s body to see the thief’s face.

                                                                     and he shock!

*After 30 minutes. Everyone is gathering in Nichkhun's room*
TaecYeon : Yaaahh..NichKhun, why you did this?? You shouldn’t do like this..

NichKhun :How do I know.?? I thought that the thief was a male that get in our house just right now.  I really didn’t mean that.
WooYoung : You should know and investigate first  before take an action. If something bad happen who’s going to responsible about it??
NichKhun : If I know, the thief was a girl, I won’t hit her badly using my Muay Thai. (said NichKhun sadly tone)
ChanSung : Never mind hyung. Don’t be sad and this is not your fault at all. (ChanSung is trying to coax NichKhun)

Suddenly, the thief’s body starts to move on NichKhun’s bed. At once, the six members of 2PM surround NichKhun’s bed. TaecYeon removed the thief hood and everyone startled. They shock and captivate by the beauty of the girl; straight hair reach her shoulder, round eyes, pinky lips and fairy skin. All of them are seems like under the thief’s spell except JunSu. He looks very shocked..!!

JunSu : You..???
            ( Everyone looked at JunSu with full of questions mark..)

                                                         JunHo : you know her?
JunSu with his pokerfaced says that he doesn’t know the girl at all. Then, he leave the room quickly and seems like he don’t want to get involved with this matter.
Why JunSu looks so shocked while others keep captivating of the beauty thief…

~To be continued~

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Friday, 9 March 2012

StRawBeRry ChEeSe CaKe Episode 3

Early in the morning, Au Gi jogs at lake near her university. She stops when she feels tired and rest for a while on the bench under a shady tree facing the haze lake. The scenery makes her feel calm and forget about her problems in a moment. But, she still sigh thinking of problems that she will facing and how to face it. 
Lately, she gets some problems about her new job and her family financial crisis. Before this, she helped her aunt at the bakery because her mother just passed away last two years. She had no one else to share love with after her mum died. His father is busy working to earn some money to support  her study. Because of her father just a clerk with small salary; he can’t support much Au Gi’s expenditure at the university. Au Gi feel pity because her father work very hard to support her and that’s the reason Au Gi took a part time job at the house. Au Gi still remembers her conversation with the manager of the house.
Au Gi, this is the house that you will work on. I sure you know this house belong to whom. Am I     right, Au Gi? Said manager. " Yes, I knew." reply Au Gi softly. 
"Every afternoon at 2.00 p.m, you should do what you need to do. After you done your work, you may go home. It’s depends on you, the faster you do your work, the earlier you can go home. This house is really mess because they don’t have time to clean it up. Their schedule is packed. Make yourself comfortable working here.” That’s the long explanation gave by manager. Au Gi just nodded.
“This house is not too big but considering they are 6 guys, they love to mess their house especially at living room, kitchen and also their bedrooms. Hopefully you can stand with all this. Hwaiting!! Said manager and smiled at Au Gi. Just to give a spirit to a young girl that he met last three days. He received the first call after he advertised the vacancy.
 Au Gi once again nodded as a signal that she understood.

That’s the last time Au Gi met the manager. How is she going to face the person who she had faced hardly 5 years ago…? Do his behavior have change or still same just like before?
Those questions keep playing in her mind and make her feel uneasy to work. She don’t know at first place that her employees (Taecyeon, Junsu, Junho, Woo Young, Chansung, Nichkhun).One of them is her enemy. If she knew this, she won’t accept the offer. However, she can’t turn down the offer because she really needs money and that’s the only job she can find for this moment. Want it or not, she must face HIM!


~to be continued~
~Check out Episode 1 & Episode 2 at Hottest Labels.Just on your right~

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Saturday, 25 February 2012


First of all ------->> We are very sorry because we didn't  post STRAWBERRY CHEESE CAKE  EPISODE 3..This week Mira and I are busy preparing  ourselves for MUET..hmmm.. I want to share something.
I feel unlucky because I got the hardest part and as the result I got low marks which threw me into a dark space ; fall in the deepest hole. I'm sad! Sad because I'll disappointed my parents. I don't want to be a useless daughter. I want them to be proud of me.
To my mum :: I already done my best but I failed to make you proud. I will try more harder in the future.                     Love You Mama..

Back to my topic about korean language.
Last week, my sister bought me a book about korean language at Kinokuniya, KLCC. Thank you so much sis. SARANGHAE...She told me to learn this language because we have planned to Fly to Korea (kalau ada rezeki ^_^). So this is the book I'm talking about.




Actually this book isn't for learning grammar or to make sentences but it contains words or sentences that always been used when you go to Korea for holidays. So I just remember each words and I still don't know how to make even a sentence *_*

I think the hardest part is to pronounce word 'rye or lye' because I'm weak in reading of the alphabet. I will keep improving my reading skill. There are also books for beginners but it's too expensive. I'm still a student ok. To all Korean Music Lovers, let's learn Korean Language.
Benefit :: Gain new knowledge !   :)

I think that's all for now. If there is no obstacle, we will post STRAWBERRY CHEESE CAKE EPISODE 3 in the next 2 week because next week we'll sitting for Muet which Reading, Listening, n Writing. Wish me luck and pray for my success. Thanks for spending your time reading my post.
Kamsa habnida ^_^

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

HOT items for HOTTEST

Some of my chingu (friend) said I'm crazy because wasting money for that things..
I'm not sad
I'm not mad
actually I don't care at all because I satisfied bought that things.
Everyone has their own interest and I interested in 2PM.
I think, there's nothing wrong if I did something for the ones I love. am I right?
(terabur dah English aku.)

Actually I bought this !!

very expensive!
nevermind, for 1st collection. hehehe

I received a phone call from office
"akmal..nih brg ko da smpai kat office dr R*****"
ak dlm kls duk ats krusi da mengelepor nk g amek.
 ak tweet mira sbb mira duk meja lain.

Mira dengan cepat nye suh g amek walaupun masa tu kitaorg dlm kls.
dengan sepantas mungkin,ak n mira kua la berlari g office.
and we got two 
One of them is mine
another is belongs to AMIRA

JYP Entertainment and LOEN Entertainment!
Made in Korea
Sorry to our lecturer 
because we went out to office during lecture
but I just took not more than 5 min. :p
on my wall
This is the posters I collected so far
Macam senget tapi biar je la..huhu
By the way, I'm so happy
and proud being HOTTEST!
smile :)


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Friday, 10 February 2012

StRawBeRry ChEeSe CaKe Episode 2


Woo Young :: Aissssshhhh…. I’m so hungry. Is there anything to eat this morning?
He is talking to himself while walking to the kitchen to check whether there is some food to eat or not. In addition, today they are free of schedule. So they planned to rest only at home because last night they went home late plus they shocked about their rooms cleaned by someone. Woo Young opens the refrigerator slowly. “Waaaaa, there is a cake looks tasty and delicious! Strawberry cheese cake ! Daebak! Better I eat now before Chan Sung finish it all “ say Woo Young. He takes a few slices of the cheese cake, put it on a plate and bring it to his room. He sits on the bed and eats the cake alone.
“ woaaahhh, it so delicious! (he opens his eyes wider).  It must be buying by hyung (their manager) but where did hyung buy this cake?” he’s talking by himself again.

Suddenly, Junsu enters into Woo Young’s room.
Junsu          :: Woo Youngie~~~, What are you doing?
Woo Young :: I’m swimming right now,hyung. Do you see I’m in a pool, don’t you? (say Woo Young seriously)
Junsu laughs loudly and hit Woo Young’s shoulder hardly.LOL. He sits beside Woo young.
Woo Young  :: You hurt me, hyung. Why are you looking for me?
Junsu            :: Now, you knew my hit. HAHA. Who asks you to make jokes with me early in the morning?(smile and stare at woo young).Where did you get the cake?
Junsu snatch the cake from Woo Young’s hand.
Woo Young :: Junsu yaaah!! If you want to eat, go and take it yourself. Aigooo~~~ Why are looking for me?
Junsu          :: Hmmm..Can you accompany me this evening? I think I want to go home (in Daegu)
Woo Young :: Ouh..sure. At what time?

Junsu not answering Woo Young’s question but keep chewing the cake and wrinkled on his forehead seems like there is something wrong with the cake.

Woo young :: Hyung! Hyung!
He calls Junsu who is in a daydreaming. PpaaaapppP! One hit sharp on Junsu’s shoulder and bring he back to reality…

Junsu           :: Yes? What it is?
Woo Young :: Aaaaa~~~~You don't listen to what I said? You always daydreaming in the middle of conversation. I ask you, what time are we leaving to Daegu?
Junsu           :: As usual. 2PM. (smile)
Junsu leaves Woo Young and bring the cake with him. Woo Young looks Junsu curiously. 
Woo Young  :: Hyung! my cake!
Junsu          :: I take it. HEHE
Woo Young :: Yahh..he is really..arrghh..(angry)

On their way to Daegu, Junsu just keep himself silent and pensive. He looks like thinking of something serious. Woo young just watches him. Junsu hyung is not like that. He will share his problems with members of 2PM.But why this time he keep the problems?

Woo Young :: Hyung, do you any problem? Tell me. Maybe I can help you.
Junsu          :: Ouh. Nothing. I just think about something related my past.
Woo Young :: Really? Hyung, I feel sleepy. Wake me up when we have arrived.Ok?
Junsu nod..

Arrived in Daegu, Junsu pulls Woo Young’s hand to a shop not far from taxi station.
Woo young :: Where we are heading to, hyung? Your house is that way, why we go this way?
Junsu          :: Can you  accompany me go to one place before we go to my house?
Before woo young agree with him, Junsu just walks away leaving Woo Young behind. Junsu looks so rushing and Woo Young chases after him. Finally, they stand in front of a shop.

Junsu         :: You wait here for a while.
Woo young nod. Junsu enters the shop and Woo Young just stand still outside. In a few minutes, Junsu goes out from the shop and Woo Young stare at Junsu curiously. Junsu went out from the shop without buying anything? What is he doing in the shop if he doesn’t buy anything? ( WEIRD)

Woo young :: Don’t you buy anything, do you? Not even one thing?
Junsu          :: There is nothing interesting to buy.
Woo young :: Every single food is interesting, hyung!
Junsu          :: Let’s go.
Junsu pulls Woo Young eager to enter the shop.
Woo young :: Hyung, please buy me something. I’m hungry.
Junsu          :: No need. My mum already cook for us at home. Let’s go.
Woo young :: Yahh hyung! You are so stingy.

Woo young make a sad and frustrated face in front of Junsu. Junsu laughs at his beloved brother’s behavior.He pushes Woo Young to walk in front of him. In a second, Junsu turns back and looks at the shop. A person he is looking for was not here anymore. 

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

In LovE with him

For many reason that I can't tell you why I'm in love with this guy.
Is he handsome?Cute? Adorable?
He is,right?
Someone will say that I'm crazy because in love with him and he doesn't know whether I exist or not.
He did know that I exist ! as Hottest!
Proud to be Hottest.
Please understand me..

admin_Nurhidayahtul Akmal ^_^

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Friday, 3 February 2012

StRawBeRrY ChEeSe CaKe Episode 1

(Monday Midnight after they went home from dance practice.)

Hyung! Hyung! Come here, hurry up! Junho calls Taecyeon who is resting in living room with Nichkhun and Woo Young.
Taecyeon :: What’s wrong, Junho? Something bad happened?          
Junho      :: Hurry up, hyung. Look at this.
Taecyeon :: Look at what?

Junho points his finger to his room. Taecyeon walks fast to see what happened to Junho’s room.

Taecyeon :: Why? What’s wrong with your room??
Junho         :: I shocked when I look at my own room. This morning I leave my room scattered but now, all the messy gone. It became tidy and clean. Try to check your room, hyung. Let’s go.

On their way to Taecyeon’s room, suddenly Chan Sung screams and all members shock and run towards Chan Sung’s room. Junsu from kitchen also runs towards Chan Sung’s room after he heard the scary screaming. 
“What’s wrong with you, Chan Sung?” ask Junsu
They look at Chan Sung stands still without any move in front of his room and speechless.

Chan Sung points his finger towards his room just like Junho did. Everyone be startled when they look at Chan Sung’s room before this full of banana skin and now, his room already clean and tidy.
Junho    :: Chan Sung aaa...we're on the same situation. My room has been cleaned just like yours.

In instant, everyone rushes to their rooms to check whether their rooms transform like Junho and Chan Sung’s room. The result is all rooms has been cleaned up!

Woo Young   :: Hey guys, I found my watch. I thought I lost it during our trip, but it just under my table. I also found so many things when my room is tidy.
Woo Young smiles happily.

Nichkhun interrupts when Woo Young talks. “I also found my old music player. It is on my bed. Someone must clean my rooms and found this music player then put it there.”
Others nod their head means agree of what Nichkhun said.

Woo Young and Nichkhun are happy when they found their missing things but this ‘phenomena’ is a mystery to them because before this no one cleans up their rooms. In addition, their manager also didn’t tell them anything about this. The question is who cleans up 2PM beastly youth house and rooms?

~to be continued~

p/s : ‘hyung’ means bro or brother.
        this story is a fiction.Made by us.
        copyright RESERVED..!!!

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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

StRawBeRrY ChEeSe CaKe's story

 Yuuummmmm! the cheese cake is delicious , right? 

look at the strawberry O_O

we're drooling by just look at it. . . do you??
 better wipe your mouth now, we can see it :p 
unfortunately, this cake is not for sale but there is a story about
  the Strawberry Cheese Cake.
What do you think about the story?
Sad story? someone's going to die at the end?
love is not to be?
happy ending story? about love? about someone's life? about friendship?
keep guessing because we are not going to tell you yet about the story ^__^
So, you guys need to wait for the next post.
we  promise to reveal the story next post entitled SCC Chapter 1 at 2PM on Friday.
By the way, all chapters will be post at 2PM


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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Happy Birthday to J

Let's wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ^__^

Today is a best day of a person..
Born on 25 January 1990
Now, he's 22 years old.
have a killer smile and
adorable that makes my heart melts ^_^
He done all the best to become a good entertainer
 Everyone call him EMPEROR , 황제)
BaBy MaKnAe 
because he looks like baby, weeee :)
 n he's among the youngest member in 2PM.
He made a song in Hands Up album
the song is  GIVE IT TO ME.
the song is so sweet..and his voice is DAEBAK! 
I'm waiting another song make by him in future ^_*

My wish for him ::
I hope he will never give up in everything he does, keep smiling, keep fighting,
n keep so on..hehehe
Make HOTTEST proud of you.
All the BEST!


Happy Birthday to

JunhO oPpA   :)

I will support you whatever it takes :)

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Friday, 20 January 2012

OuR sToRy iS StAr!Ng bY ----->

For our new coming story
we announced the star in the story . .

The title of the story
will be announcing ^_^








And The heroin of this story 

will be revealing next post ^_^


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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

ChApTeR OnE WiLL bE pOsTiNG sOOn ^_^


AkMaL n aMiRa -We have planned to post a story in this blog.

ChAptEr ONE !

The title is . . . . . . . . .



It will reveal soon.
hOpE YoU guys wiLL eNjOy the sToRY :)

~BuByE from HoTTeST~

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Monday, 16 January 2012

We ArE NeW HeRE!

ThIs BloG UnDeR pRoCeSS

Wait for our sToRm..

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