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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

StRawBeRrY ChEeSe CaKe's story

 Yuuummmmm! the cheese cake is delicious , right? 

look at the strawberry O_O

we're drooling by just look at it. . . do you??
 better wipe your mouth now, we can see it :p 
unfortunately, this cake is not for sale but there is a story about
  the Strawberry Cheese Cake.
What do you think about the story?
Sad story? someone's going to die at the end?
love is not to be?
happy ending story? about love? about someone's life? about friendship?
keep guessing because we are not going to tell you yet about the story ^__^
So, you guys need to wait for the next post.
we  promise to reveal the story next post entitled SCC Chapter 1 at 2PM on Friday.
By the way, all chapters will be post at 2PM


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