Online Diary 2PM Hottest Life: StRawBeRrY ChEeSe CaKe Episode 1

Friday, 3 February 2012

StRawBeRrY ChEeSe CaKe Episode 1

(Monday Midnight after they went home from dance practice.)

Hyung! Hyung! Come here, hurry up! Junho calls Taecyeon who is resting in living room with Nichkhun and Woo Young.
Taecyeon :: What’s wrong, Junho? Something bad happened?          
Junho      :: Hurry up, hyung. Look at this.
Taecyeon :: Look at what?

Junho points his finger to his room. Taecyeon walks fast to see what happened to Junho’s room.

Taecyeon :: Why? What’s wrong with your room??
Junho         :: I shocked when I look at my own room. This morning I leave my room scattered but now, all the messy gone. It became tidy and clean. Try to check your room, hyung. Let’s go.

On their way to Taecyeon’s room, suddenly Chan Sung screams and all members shock and run towards Chan Sung’s room. Junsu from kitchen also runs towards Chan Sung’s room after he heard the scary screaming. 
“What’s wrong with you, Chan Sung?” ask Junsu
They look at Chan Sung stands still without any move in front of his room and speechless.

Chan Sung points his finger towards his room just like Junho did. Everyone be startled when they look at Chan Sung’s room before this full of banana skin and now, his room already clean and tidy.
Junho    :: Chan Sung aaa...we're on the same situation. My room has been cleaned just like yours.

In instant, everyone rushes to their rooms to check whether their rooms transform like Junho and Chan Sung’s room. The result is all rooms has been cleaned up!

Woo Young   :: Hey guys, I found my watch. I thought I lost it during our trip, but it just under my table. I also found so many things when my room is tidy.
Woo Young smiles happily.

Nichkhun interrupts when Woo Young talks. “I also found my old music player. It is on my bed. Someone must clean my rooms and found this music player then put it there.”
Others nod their head means agree of what Nichkhun said.

Woo Young and Nichkhun are happy when they found their missing things but this ‘phenomena’ is a mystery to them because before this no one cleans up their rooms. In addition, their manager also didn’t tell them anything about this. The question is who cleans up 2PM beastly youth house and rooms?

~to be continued~

p/s : ‘hyung’ means bro or brother.
        this story is a fiction.Made by us.
        copyright RESERVED..!!!

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