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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

HOT items for HOTTEST

Some of my chingu (friend) said I'm crazy because wasting money for that things..
I'm not sad
I'm not mad
actually I don't care at all because I satisfied bought that things.
Everyone has their own interest and I interested in 2PM.
I think, there's nothing wrong if I did something for the ones I love. am I right?
(terabur dah English aku.)

Actually I bought this !!

very expensive!
nevermind, for 1st collection. hehehe

I received a phone call from office
"akmal..nih brg ko da smpai kat office dr R*****"
ak dlm kls duk ats krusi da mengelepor nk g amek.
 ak tweet mira sbb mira duk meja lain.

Mira dengan cepat nye suh g amek walaupun masa tu kitaorg dlm kls.
dengan sepantas mungkin,ak n mira kua la berlari g office.
and we got two 
One of them is mine
another is belongs to AMIRA

JYP Entertainment and LOEN Entertainment!
Made in Korea
Sorry to our lecturer 
because we went out to office during lecture
but I just took not more than 5 min. :p
on my wall
This is the posters I collected so far
Macam senget tapi biar je la..huhu
By the way, I'm so happy
and proud being HOTTEST!
smile :)


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  1. that is too awesome baby ! but I hope both of you don't waste too much money as we don't receive allowance yet :P

    keep your money for the safety first.

    next time, consider it before you buy.

    btw, 2PM's Season Greeting is SUPER COOL !

  2. Its not a waste...dif ppl gt dif preference! ^^

    1. yeah..maybe u are right.I also don't think it waste my money because I satisfied and happy..
      thanks 4 supporting me and our blog ^_^


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