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Friday, 10 February 2012

StRawBeRry ChEeSe CaKe Episode 2


Woo Young :: Aissssshhhh…. I’m so hungry. Is there anything to eat this morning?
He is talking to himself while walking to the kitchen to check whether there is some food to eat or not. In addition, today they are free of schedule. So they planned to rest only at home because last night they went home late plus they shocked about their rooms cleaned by someone. Woo Young opens the refrigerator slowly. “Waaaaa, there is a cake looks tasty and delicious! Strawberry cheese cake ! Daebak! Better I eat now before Chan Sung finish it all “ say Woo Young. He takes a few slices of the cheese cake, put it on a plate and bring it to his room. He sits on the bed and eats the cake alone.
“ woaaahhh, it so delicious! (he opens his eyes wider).  It must be buying by hyung (their manager) but where did hyung buy this cake?” he’s talking by himself again.

Suddenly, Junsu enters into Woo Young’s room.
Junsu          :: Woo Youngie~~~, What are you doing?
Woo Young :: I’m swimming right now,hyung. Do you see I’m in a pool, don’t you? (say Woo Young seriously)
Junsu laughs loudly and hit Woo Young’s shoulder hardly.LOL. He sits beside Woo young.
Woo Young  :: You hurt me, hyung. Why are you looking for me?
Junsu            :: Now, you knew my hit. HAHA. Who asks you to make jokes with me early in the morning?(smile and stare at woo young).Where did you get the cake?
Junsu snatch the cake from Woo Young’s hand.
Woo Young :: Junsu yaaah!! If you want to eat, go and take it yourself. Aigooo~~~ Why are looking for me?
Junsu          :: Hmmm..Can you accompany me this evening? I think I want to go home (in Daegu)
Woo Young :: Ouh..sure. At what time?

Junsu not answering Woo Young’s question but keep chewing the cake and wrinkled on his forehead seems like there is something wrong with the cake.

Woo young :: Hyung! Hyung!
He calls Junsu who is in a daydreaming. PpaaaapppP! One hit sharp on Junsu’s shoulder and bring he back to reality…

Junsu           :: Yes? What it is?
Woo Young :: Aaaaa~~~~You don't listen to what I said? You always daydreaming in the middle of conversation. I ask you, what time are we leaving to Daegu?
Junsu           :: As usual. 2PM. (smile)
Junsu leaves Woo Young and bring the cake with him. Woo Young looks Junsu curiously. 
Woo Young  :: Hyung! my cake!
Junsu          :: I take it. HEHE
Woo Young :: Yahh..he is really..arrghh..(angry)

On their way to Daegu, Junsu just keep himself silent and pensive. He looks like thinking of something serious. Woo young just watches him. Junsu hyung is not like that. He will share his problems with members of 2PM.But why this time he keep the problems?

Woo Young :: Hyung, do you any problem? Tell me. Maybe I can help you.
Junsu          :: Ouh. Nothing. I just think about something related my past.
Woo Young :: Really? Hyung, I feel sleepy. Wake me up when we have arrived.Ok?
Junsu nod..

Arrived in Daegu, Junsu pulls Woo Young’s hand to a shop not far from taxi station.
Woo young :: Where we are heading to, hyung? Your house is that way, why we go this way?
Junsu          :: Can you  accompany me go to one place before we go to my house?
Before woo young agree with him, Junsu just walks away leaving Woo Young behind. Junsu looks so rushing and Woo Young chases after him. Finally, they stand in front of a shop.

Junsu         :: You wait here for a while.
Woo young nod. Junsu enters the shop and Woo Young just stand still outside. In a few minutes, Junsu goes out from the shop and Woo Young stare at Junsu curiously. Junsu went out from the shop without buying anything? What is he doing in the shop if he doesn’t buy anything? ( WEIRD)

Woo young :: Don’t you buy anything, do you? Not even one thing?
Junsu          :: There is nothing interesting to buy.
Woo young :: Every single food is interesting, hyung!
Junsu          :: Let’s go.
Junsu pulls Woo Young eager to enter the shop.
Woo young :: Hyung, please buy me something. I’m hungry.
Junsu          :: No need. My mum already cook for us at home. Let’s go.
Woo young :: Yahh hyung! You are so stingy.

Woo young make a sad and frustrated face in front of Junsu. Junsu laughs at his beloved brother’s behavior.He pushes Woo Young to walk in front of him. In a second, Junsu turns back and looks at the shop. A person he is looking for was not here anymore. 

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