Online Diary 2PM Hottest Life: StRawBeRry ChEeSe CaKe Episode 3

Friday, 9 March 2012

StRawBeRry ChEeSe CaKe Episode 3

Early in the morning, Au Gi jogs at lake near her university. She stops when she feels tired and rest for a while on the bench under a shady tree facing the haze lake. The scenery makes her feel calm and forget about her problems in a moment. But, she still sigh thinking of problems that she will facing and how to face it. 
Lately, she gets some problems about her new job and her family financial crisis. Before this, she helped her aunt at the bakery because her mother just passed away last two years. She had no one else to share love with after her mum died. His father is busy working to earn some money to support  her study. Because of her father just a clerk with small salary; he can’t support much Au Gi’s expenditure at the university. Au Gi feel pity because her father work very hard to support her and that’s the reason Au Gi took a part time job at the house. Au Gi still remembers her conversation with the manager of the house.
Au Gi, this is the house that you will work on. I sure you know this house belong to whom. Am I     right, Au Gi? Said manager. " Yes, I knew." reply Au Gi softly. 
"Every afternoon at 2.00 p.m, you should do what you need to do. After you done your work, you may go home. It’s depends on you, the faster you do your work, the earlier you can go home. This house is really mess because they don’t have time to clean it up. Their schedule is packed. Make yourself comfortable working here.” That’s the long explanation gave by manager. Au Gi just nodded.
“This house is not too big but considering they are 6 guys, they love to mess their house especially at living room, kitchen and also their bedrooms. Hopefully you can stand with all this. Hwaiting!! Said manager and smiled at Au Gi. Just to give a spirit to a young girl that he met last three days. He received the first call after he advertised the vacancy.
 Au Gi once again nodded as a signal that she understood.

That’s the last time Au Gi met the manager. How is she going to face the person who she had faced hardly 5 years ago…? Do his behavior have change or still same just like before?
Those questions keep playing in her mind and make her feel uneasy to work. She don’t know at first place that her employees (Taecyeon, Junsu, Junho, Woo Young, Chansung, Nichkhun).One of them is her enemy. If she knew this, she won’t accept the offer. However, she can’t turn down the offer because she really needs money and that’s the only job she can find for this moment. Want it or not, she must face HIM!


~to be continued~
~Check out Episode 1 & Episode 2 at Hottest Labels.Just on your right~

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