Online Diary 2PM Hottest Life: StRawBeRrY ChEeSe CaKe Episode 4

Friday, 23 March 2012

StRawBeRrY ChEeSe CaKe Episode 4

WooYoung : Guys, Teacyeon wants us to go to coffee shop to have some drinks. Today is very cold and I would like to drink hot chocolate! You guys don’t worry, bills on TaecYeon.. hehehe ^_^
Pppaaappp..!!! TaecYeon hits WooYoung shoulder.
TaecYeon : Who said I want to treat you all?? I just ask but not said that I want to treat you guys..!! NichKhun, are you in?
JunHo : Let’s join us Hyung..
NichKhun : I don’t think so. You guys go ahead first. I want to go home straight because I’m tired. See you guys at home.

Everyone nods; show they understand NichKhun's situation.

Chan Sung : Let’s go guys..! I’m very thirsty right now and I want to drink banana juice..(mood :happy)
JunSu : Ceitt.. Is there any drink besides banana juice? If you always drink and eat banana,your body will also become like banana..kekeke..

Everyone laugh at ChanSung. He really obsessed with banana.
NichKhun goes straight home after that. Lately his schedule is too packed and he doesn’t have enough rest. So, he wants to rest when he has free time. He also doesn’t have free time to spend with his lovely partner, Victoria. He feels very sorry for Victoria.When NichKhun reaches home, he climbs up the stairs slowly with his tired body. Suddenly, he sees someone in his room because the door is widely open.

NichKhun : Its must be a thief in my room. (He talks slowly).
NichKhun is sneaking from outside of his room. He is sweating because he very nervous at that time. He plans to catch the thief alone by himself. With all the strengths he have and experiences of learning Muay Thai, NichKhun attacks the thief’s neck from back.  The thief immediately fells on the floor * unconscious*. NichKhun can’t see the thief face because the thief wears sweater with hood and the thief’s face lies downwards. NichKhun shakes slowly the thief’s body”is he died?” said NichKhun nervously. He’s getting more nervous and scared. Without wasting time, he lift the thief’s body to see the thief’s face.

                                                                     and he shock!

*After 30 minutes. Everyone is gathering in Nichkhun's room*
TaecYeon : Yaaahh..NichKhun, why you did this?? You shouldn’t do like this..

NichKhun :How do I know.?? I thought that the thief was a male that get in our house just right now.  I really didn’t mean that.
WooYoung : You should know and investigate first  before take an action. If something bad happen who’s going to responsible about it??
NichKhun : If I know, the thief was a girl, I won’t hit her badly using my Muay Thai. (said NichKhun sadly tone)
ChanSung : Never mind hyung. Don’t be sad and this is not your fault at all. (ChanSung is trying to coax NichKhun)

Suddenly, the thief’s body starts to move on NichKhun’s bed. At once, the six members of 2PM surround NichKhun’s bed. TaecYeon removed the thief hood and everyone startled. They shock and captivate by the beauty of the girl; straight hair reach her shoulder, round eyes, pinky lips and fairy skin. All of them are seems like under the thief’s spell except JunSu. He looks very shocked..!!

JunSu : You..???
            ( Everyone looked at JunSu with full of questions mark..)

                                                         JunHo : you know her?
JunSu with his pokerfaced says that he doesn’t know the girl at all. Then, he leave the room quickly and seems like he don’t want to get involved with this matter.
Why JunSu looks so shocked while others keep captivating of the beauty thief…

~To be continued~

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