Online Diary 2PM Hottest Life: StRawBeRry ChEeSe CaKe Episode 5

Friday, 30 March 2012

StRawBeRry ChEeSe CaKe Episode 5

Situation : In Nichkhun’s room.
Taec Yeon : Who are you? How can you get in this house and what are doing here? Are you going to steal something in our house?
Junho : Yaaa hyung. Give her some water first. She just wakes up from being unconscious.
Junho gives mineral water to that girl who is lying on Nichkhun’s bed.  Junho also help that girl drink the water but she drinks a little bit only.
“ Thank you. Junho Oppa” . Her voice is very soft and she’s also a polite girl.
After a few minutes later, 2PM’s manager comes to the house.
Manager : Hello beast! What’s going on? (The six beastly idols look at manager suspiciously. The manager acts very cool and weird because he doesn’t shock at all when he looked at the girl)
Woo Young : Hyung, we have caught the thief that try to rob our house. So, what are we going to do with the thief?
Manager : Au Gi-ssi, why are you lying on the bed?
Chan Sung : Hyung, do you know this thief? (Everyone confounded to know the answer)
Manager : OMG. I forgot to introduce you guys to our new housemaid in this house. It’s almost two weeks she has worked here.  Au Gi-ssi, I’m really sorry on behalf them because they didn’t know about you. Actually, I want to tell them before they meet you but they seems like don’t have much time to talk with me and I also forgot. My bad.
Au Gi just nod while holding her neck. She realizes that her back is really pain. She doesn’t know who hit her so badly just now.
Manager : Are you ok, Au Gi-ssi?
Au Gi : My back is really hurt, oppa. Who hit me just now?
Everyone looks at Nichkhun but Nichkhun pretend that he doesn’t know anything. Taecyeon hits Nichkhun’s shoulder softly, and finally Nichkhun realizes his mistake. He asks for forgiveness and explains why he acted like that way. He just wanted to protect himself from thief and unfortunately he misunderstood.
Manager : Au Gi is in pain and who’s going to carry this responsible plus take care of her?
Nichkhun : I can’t, hyung... I can’t..

Everyone is starring at Nichkhun to know the reason why Nichkhun doesn’t want to responsible what he had done.  Other members feel very weird of Nichkhun’s behaviour and feel angry too. IF NICHKHUN IS NOT THE ONE WHO WILL TAKE THE RESPOSIBLE, WHO ELSE WILL DO IT??

_Next episode will revealed who is willingly to take the responsible_

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